Zane Harnish


Hey, I'm Zane. I work as a Web Developer at a business in Lancaster, PA called Kinectiv. We are a marketing agency focusing on identity and experience design.

I spend my free time on a variety of activities. Much of what I enjoy doing revolves around my curiosity and thirst for knowledge. Even outside of work, I can often be found tinkering with a new programming language or trying to learn more about some piece of technology. I also love to read; there is no better way to gain knowledge and insight. I'm intrigued by a wide range of topics, and will read just about anything that contains new and interesting information. When I'm not stuffing random data into my brain, I enjoy taking some time to play ultimate. I currently play on a recreational team that I started with a group of friends.

If you want to know more about me, I guess you'll just have to meet me in person. Chances are if you are on this website you already know me anyway.

"Curiosity seeks to annihilate itself; there is no curiosity that does not want an answer." - Eliezer Yudkowsky